Nursery school

Fun Academy Infant School is a bilingual nursery for children 0- 3 years old that offers a personalized, complete and quality education. The first cycle of early childhood education is crucial in the lives of the little ones, therefore an adequate amount of attention and stimulation is fundamental for further development.

A personalized infant education, which respects the evolutionary rhythm and maturity of each student, allows us to individually adapt our objectives.
The educators promote and favour the integral development of the child through their daily experiences and situations, in which the student is to work with the cognitive, social and emotional resources available to them. Learning day to day routines such hygiene habits, food and rest times, are also part of the education we intend.

The nursery school provides a welcoming environment based on love and trust. Through their daily routine, children aquire the notion of space and time, which in turn gives them security in their own learning process.
In addition, we also offer the possibility to take part in training and leisure events, creating with this a unique space for both children and parents.

Niños en el huerto
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