Our project

Guardería Fun Academy
Guardería Fun Academy

Our educational approach, aimed at children from 0 to 3 years old, is that of a school that is open, active and alive, close to the reality of the child and to the individuality of each one.

Our project is based on a pedagogy that involves care, education and hygiene habits, food and rest, combined with the development of a series of projects that arise from the child’s interest throughout the course.

In addition, we carry out other types of activities giving use to the different areas around the school: the motor skill development room, the vegetable garden, the henhouse, the music room, the art corners and the multisensory spaces.

Family-school communication is always present in our approach and among the activities that complement our project, “Fun Club” is formed by our students family members to participate in different types of workshops: costume workshops, sensory workshops, celebrations…

One of our peculiarities is without a doubt the teaching of the second language, English, carried out through a linguistic immersion and through pleasant situations created for the child, such as their daily routines, story telling, songs, and especially games.
The principles and values ​​that characterize and define our Nursery school are:
• Educate and model children within an environment of affection, trust, respect, empathy and emotion, in order to encourage the development of their self-esteem, creativity, cooperation, teamwork, personal autonomy and multiple intelligences.
• The child is the main character and author in their educational process, creating an active mind. The educator is there to guide them.
• Allow the child to “learn by doing”, as through handling, experimentation and observation of everything around, we spike the child’s interest in his or her surroundings.

We give great importance to the natural environment, as well as looking after it, as for us, the outdoor space we have is a classroom also, a dynamic and lively space that draws the child’s attention, bringing them closer to nature and with it a degree of curiosity that invites the child to explore, experiment and therefore to learn.

“When a child experiments to discover, something can get dirty, broken or mixed up that was not planned”.
Our main objective is to make children happy, offering quality, creative and innovative teaching based on observation, experimentation and association through play.