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This is us

Fun Academy was born from the illusion of thinking it possible to foment a different education, an active and enriching one that adapts to the demands of our society today. That is why, in our school we give great importance to a methodology that respects the learning rhythms and interests of our children, and the principles that are fundamental to their education, such as play, meaningful learning, exploration, experimentation, etc. … in short, an active and innovative methodology that foments a warm and welcoming teaching for the child.

In this context, we opt for a bilingual education that allows the child to become familiar with a second language in a natural and playful way from early childhood, with native teachers and the support of new technologies.

Finally, thanks to the constant effort to improve and face the educational challenges that are proposed, our whole educational task is supported. For this reason, among our principles cannot fail to mention: contact with nature, individual attention, respect, love, teamwork and commitment to children’s education.

Our facilities

Nuestra escuela: Niños jugando con una guitarra española
Guardería Fun Academy