At Fun Academy we celebrate different and very funny birthdays. Come celebrate your birthday with us and you will spend a spectacular evening full of laughter, emotions and good music in our great facilities.
We propose a series of activities framed in the chosen theme, some of the most requested are: pirates, crazy scientists, princesses, football … We try to make all children feel involved in the activities awakening their curiosity and the desire to learn through the game .
We prepare a snack for parents and another for children to choose. Children will be accompanied at all times by one or two monitors / s so that they do not miss anything and make the birthday child or birthday party enjoy their day, in which they will feel very special.
In addition to all this we organize joint activities between parents and children. The little ones love to enjoy together with their parents, and they forget for a little while of their daily problems enjoying as when they were children.
Come and ask us without obligation, we will be happy to assist you.

Guardería Fun Academy