Our dance classes are taught here in Fun Academy every Monday and Wednesday from 16:00 to 17:00 pm and are aimed at children between 2-9 years old. Our dance classes are creative and dynamic sessions with which children and teachers alike enjoy, learn and enhance their motor development. In these sessions we work on different styles of dance: Classical, Flamenco and Modern dance, for which we use resources such as ballet shoes, flamenco skirts, heels, fans and so on, as this really motivates the children.
This workshop has been designed to enjoy and learn how to listen, to express, to create, to distinguish different types of music and to set rhythms with games for motor skill practice and dance steps. With this type of activity, other essential skills are also developed in the personal development of the child, such as their musical ear, sense of rhythm,  coordination, balance, body expression and memory, as different sequences are worked on where music and movement are integrated, with children being able to retain this.
In addition, dancing is an ideal activity that helps children to improve self-esteem, overcome shyness and encourage social ability, while also helping them to express their feelings and sensations.

Guardería Fun Academy